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From 2020 to 2023, "Timeless Warrior" was created, the 2nd studio album by the band E C H O BOOMER. While Beate Wiesinger composes all the pieces, she considers the band to be a collective pool and synthesis of the musicians, their different personalities, and sonic languages. She is convinced that the notion of doing something "alone" is merely a construct.

Michal - delicately grooving and hovering above, Philipp - with his own timbre and mood, Florian & Clemens - an explosive combo that not only shatters the boundaries of humor, Alois & Astrid - two different solar systems that are nevertheless related.

And Beate? She might be the "timeless warrior" traversing these universes and galaxies, processing these impressions into pieces. Integral to the aesthetics of this music is the collaboration with sound engineer & producer David Furrer, who also mixed and co-produced the first album. So, how does this album sound? Sonic openness, collages, miniatures, fragments that evolved into completed arrangements or remained as fragments during the recording process, free improvisational structures, songs, noise, minimally held moods - all of this constitutes TIMELESS WARRIOR.